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2022 Drupal Statistics, Users, Usage, WordPress VS. Drupal



Drupal Statistics: Digital marketing is allowing many users to be on the internet and create blogs, run a website, or simply perform business activities. Drupal is one of the most famous and widely used free open-source software to help create such kinds of content. Such kind of software allows content management. With the use of Drupal, passionate developers can create social networking sites, portfolio websites, portals, and personal or corporate websites. In this Drupal statistics, we will have an insight into why Drupal still ranks top along with some statistics from around the world concluding with WordPress vs Drupal comparison. You can check WordPress statistics here.

Drupal Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • In the United States of America developers who develop various stuff using Drupal, earn $35 every hour.
  • Having a knowledge of PHP, Drupal can offer a job at an average of $87,000 per year
  • The current version of Drupal 8 supports 100 languages
  • In the year 2022, more than 1.7 websites are using Drupal
  • Drupal received its name from a misspelled word ‘Druppel’ which translates as the drop.
  • The platform’s total worth is around $69.25 million
  • To date, the topmost installed modules include, Token, and Pathauto with 6,226,085 and 4,604,080 downloads respectively
  • According to Drupal Statistics, it also ranks second in the top one million open-source categories.
  • Drupal has ranked at second place for content management systems in the countries like Mauritania, Uganda, Senegal, and Cuba
  • Drupal received its name from a misspelled word ‘Druppel’ which translates as a drop.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is open-source software that allows any individual to create various types of websites. The primary features of Drupal are development and content management. Drupal software is free to use and supports PHP developer language. Users can create various web content such as forums, blogs, e-commerce websites, social networking sites, portals, and many more things. Drupal is user-friendly and any beginner with basic computer knowledge can make use of Drupal software.

Drupal – Leading CMS in coming years?

An open-source CMS (content management software) is the most required software by users today. When it allows free features and flexibility for beginner users it gains more recognition. Following are some reasons why Drupal is still the leading CMS software.

  • Creating websites using Drupal is scalable. It can handle millions of traffic on the website using an adjustable API structure.
  • Drupal has more customization options than a creative mind can ever think of.
  • Compatible with many other APIs such as translation API, Render API, Rest API, etc.… API allows the software to connect with each other.
  • In the digital marketing era, Drupal also supports n number of marketing tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more.
  • And last but not the least, Drupal is the most accessible and flexible software it is preferred by many beginner and passionate developers.

General Drupal Statistics

Following are some Drupal statistics observed over the world.

  • Around 321,540 Drupal features make use of google analytics.
  • In the United States of America developers who develop various stuff using Drupal, earn $35 every hour.
  • Considering the yearly income, Drupal developers can earn $50,000 to $1,01,000 a year. The more advanced language a user utilizes the better he earns, such as C++, Java, or PHP.
  • Globally, 1.5% of the sites use Drupal.
  • Drupal has 2.0% of the market share in content management systems.
  • For every 30 websites on the internet, at least one is made using Drupal.
  • Around 7,88,000 Drupal websites have installed the Chaos tool.
  • Drupal’s module, Chaos has the most downloads around 11,584,746 today.
  • Around 48,166 Drupal modules are available to download for free.
  • Themes to change the look of the website, Drupal offers around 3,000 various themes to make the changes.
  • A user can up to 3 different languages at the same time while on the platform.
  • Drupal has around 1.3 million registered users.
  • The current version of Drupal 8 supports 100 languages.
  • Around the world, 7% of the top 10,000 websites are using Drupal.
  • Having a knowledge of PHP, Drupal can offer a job at an average of $87,000 per year.
  • 97% of Drupal users have product satisfaction.
  • Even though Drupal is free open-source software, it offers some advanced features on a paid basis. On average they can cost $30,000 to $40,000 per project.
  • Basic range of charges are from $15,000 to $1,00,00..
  • Drupal has the ability to perform complex procedures with the user who has basic knowledge of technicalities.

(Source: Statista)

Drupal ranks at the bottom of the list of most used frameworks by developers in the year 2022. The most used software preferred by developers is currently Node.js with a percentage of 47.12%.

  • The Drupal 7 version has been associated with around 290,755 live websites. That counts for around 47.6% of the total for Drupal websites
  • In the year 2022, more than 1.7 million websites are using Drupal
  • Currently, including the Drupal database, around 6,00,000 websites are live
  • Popular websites which have Drupal’s database are Pinterest.com, Cambridge.org, Nih.gov, Okta.com
  • Drupal received its name from a misspelled word ‘Druppel’ which translates as a drop.
  • The 8th version of Drupal is built by 3290 developers, 1228 companies, and 1 big community.
  • A company Acquia has invested around $500k for upgradation of the Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
  • Till today, Drupal has around 6.9 million comments, and their issue follow-up.
  • Around 11,21,049 websites are running on Drupal’s database.
  • Drupal’s first-ever free version was released in 2001.
  • Drupal’s revenue every year is resulted up to $5.5 million.
  • The platform’s total worth is around $69.25 million
  • Drupal has around 38,649 modules on its database.
  • These modules are downloaded at least 250 million times.
  • To date, the topmost installed modules include, Token, and Pathauto with 6,226,085 and 4,604,080 downloads respectively
  • A module named date and webform counts the downloads as 4,342,876 and 3,943,536
  • Drupal has ranked at second place for content management systems in the countries like Mauritania, Uganda, Senegal, and Cuba
  • In India, Drupal is 5th most used open-source platform in the same category
  • According to Drupal Statistics, it also ranks second in the top one million open-source categories.
  • Drupal’s coding language is PHP with around 237,198 lines of code.
  • On the other hand, Drupal 8 has a double coding line resulting into 4,11,473.
  • Drupal’s websites are vulnerable to a bug called drupal resulting in 10.1%.
  • Around 56% of government websites are based on Drupal’s database. For example, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Government of France, The White House, the Government of Bermuda, the Department of Commerce, the Government of South Africa, The New York State Senate, data.gov, and the USA department of transportation
  • There are some universities around the world that are also using Drupal for their websites resulting in 23.8% such as Oregon State University, University of Minnesota, Harvard University, University of Colorado, UCSF, The University of Chicago, Georgetown University, University of Surrey, The George Washington University, and Rutgers University
  • Till today, Drupal has won around 15 awards in various categories
  • 2% of the people believe that, due to increased involvement in digitalization, Drupal’s popularity will grow in the coming 3 years
  • Drupal’s e-commerce brands are personalized shopping experiences, mobile wallets and chatbots enabled for instant customer support
  • WooCommerce’s customer satisfaction is slightly lower than Drupal commerce counting at 97% and 98% respectively
  • Other than universities and governments, there are some celebrities around the world who also use Drupal for their own content management. Such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Céline Dion, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, and Robbie Williams
  • Some of the most famous brands such as Sevilla FC, The Weather Channel, WWE, New England Revolution, Geforce.com, Columbia Nashville, Elmogaz, NBC Sports, and last but not least Lamborghini have their data using Drupal’s platform
  • A developer of Drupal working at NBC University has a salary of $119,436 per annum
  • Approximately, Drupal has around 73.6 million search results on Google
  • On Drupal, the average code per line is 73.
  • Drupal has 27 external PHP libraries and 17 external J5 libraries
  • Drupal’s themes cost at least $48 on an average
  • One of the most preferred themes by the people is sold 4,603 times resulting in a $2,66,974 income ratio
  • Bartik theme on Drupal is named after Jean Bartik.
  • Drupal 8 has 41,863 functional calls and 11.1 MB of memory
  • According to Drupal Statistics, 81% of the websites are using version 7
  • The average time to install Drupal on the system is only 10 minutes
  • On average, a Drupal project needs 6 to 8 weeks to get completed
  • Drupal software updates are every 51 days
  • Mega slider is Drupal’s best seller module with more than 3000 sales
  • Drupal stood the hack which caused problems for around 12 million websites

The following chart shows the number of sites that are using Drupal’s platform classified by countries

u2 2.png.jpg 2 u3 1 u4 1 u5 1
(Source: trends.builtwith.com)

WordPress VS. Drupal

u1 3
(Image Source: kinsta)


WordPress is also an open-source content management system that offers it in languages such as MySQL and HTTPS. It has a simple platform where using by using plugins a user can create any kind of website. It has many plugins and extensions which can create a website in an instance.


  • WordPress is easy to use more specifically for those who are not developers.
  • The platform has a wide range of support available on the site if any issues faced.
  • There is a wide range of extensions available on the WordPress platform.
  • WordPress also has lower development costs than Drupal.


  • WordPress has poor results in SEO ranking.
  • The platform has included vulnerability problems.
  • Websites made with this platform experience slow loading of the web pages.
  • Moreover, there are frequent updates on the WordPress website.


Just like WordPress, Drupal is also one of the widely used content management software. Drupal has been found before WordPress, but it is still behind in the sense of market share. Drupal’s market share is 4.6% whereas WordPress has around 59.8% captured market share.


  • Drupal is more secure than WordPress
  • Updates offered by Drupal are systematic
  • Unlimited free themes to choose
  • Wider multilingual support
  • It offers mobile-friendly UI


  • Needs basic computer language knowledge
  • Big updates take time to upload
  • There’s a compatibility issue for websites with large data for Drupal’s modules
  • Doesn’t work in order with many applications


When looking at both content management systems, it depends on the organization to choose from one of those. Everything has its pros and cons. But in the era of digitalization and digital marketing, WordPress has a low level of SEO ranking, therefore choosing Drupal over WordPress is a better option.


Being a developer and having a wide range of free tools is like the icing on the cake. Drupal is one of the most used content management tools. Drupal’s data is extremely user-friendly as well as secure. In the era of digital technology, it also has pre-installed SEO tools that can help in SEO analytics. These kinds of features increase the organic traffic to the website resulting in an increase in revenue.

Businesses offering various products or services need different types of applications to keep track, in this case, Drupal’s advantage is, it can link various applications along with its features. Drupal is an ever-changing platform that offers determined growth in the business. According to these Drupal Statistics, businesses or companies are still using the platform and therefore leading it to the one of the best free and open-source software.

Can I use Drupal even if I don’t have any knowledge?

Yes. Drupal is user friendly. Even if you are no knowledge about being a developer, the software will lead you to the content management system.

Is Drupal totally free from any cost?

Yes. Drupal is free to use software with flexible opens to manage the content.

Which features does Drupal has?

It has many flexible features such as to create any type of the website, build social networking applications, manage content created using Drupal, create blogs, e-commerce sites, portfolio, intranets, connect with other applications to improve flexibility and much more. It is also various languages.

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